Compare Credit Card deals

Do you have a credit card? How many are stacked in your wallet or purse? Are you toting around a few platinums and that American Express card with no limit? Yikes, this can get a little dangerous if you're not careful. As most of us know, the old credit card rates can change on a dime, and then you're suddenly losing hundreds a month in nasty interest. That's always a major bummer. Who ever invented the credit card, anyway? You'd think they would have come up with one that had a fixed 0 percent APR on all purchases. Don't those credit card companies realize that's what we're all looking for?

What kind of credit card rates are you finding now days? I have to say that I usually get a few pitches in the mail on a daily basis. If it's not Visa, It's MasterCard, and if it's not American Express, it's Discover card. I'm sure you can relate on that. When it comes to credit card companies, one thing they are very adamant about is pitching. Sometimes I just want to send them a memo regarding all the paper they're wasting. Because come on, how many of these are you tearing up, or sticking through the shredder? It's not like we can literally get every credit card they encourage us to apply for. Then of course there's the whole deal with the credit card rates. Most initial rates are 0 percent on all balance transfer. However, when it comes to purchases, it's typically no as generous. Believe me; these companies know how much we like to spend, and they're out to make loads of cash off of us. It's the same with the 0% percent credit card rates on balance transfer. They're basically hinting for you to transfer any large amount that you're currently paying too much interest on. But do we fall for this routine spiel? Of course we do. We want that 0 APR as long as we can have it. Even if it's only for the first year. Then it may be time to check out new credit card rates and transfer that nasty balance again.

Credit Card Tips - You can use your credit card to by many things online, why not buy the cheapest car insurance policy with it, so you don’t have to pay any charges for monthly payments, you can now pay it off all in full with your new card.

If you are on the look-out for a credit card, but aren't sure about current credit card rates, then it's high time you hopped online. The Internet can and will provide you with who has the best offers at this time. Find those ideal credit card rates in a flash when you use the World-Wide-Web. Just don't go too crazy with the charging.

Use your new card to pay off your buildings and contents insurance policy. Look for 0% interest on purchases and balances for the main features of the card. Periods range from 6months to 12 months. Pick the credit cards that appeal to you and your needs.

When travelling abroad you can protect your money and credit cards up to around £300, each policy has different amount of cover. Pick the best that suits you. Compare travel insurance policies before you go on holiday.